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Welcome to the "Call Time Tracker / momentem" Online Comments Book !

You can also download a PDF of our greatest customer reviews and feedback here.

All of the comments you are about to read, from users of Call Time Tracker and momentem, are genuine. Their names have been used where we obtained their permission to use their full names, otherwise we have shown their first name and part of their email address.

Sorry, it’s a long list, but each of them have been chosen because they will give you a different perspective on our app and service. It also shows you the sheer volume of positive reviews that we have received over the past couple of months !

You can view the comments in several categories;

SECTION 1: "Why I love this app" - I love your product and have been recommending it to others. Thank you. – Kristen - Just started using your product on my cell phone... LOVE IT! - David – [FROM ONE OF OUR NEW STORM USERS]: Initial reaction after first day - wow ! Momentem is money in my pocket. – Ken

I miss your app greatly since changing to iPhone. I have spent over $100 trying different time trackers- all a waste of time and money. You need to get a iPhone compatible application. I WOULD PAY $500 FOR MOMENTEM ON IPHONE AND PAY $50 PER MONTH TO KEEP A SUBSCRIPTION! HOPE I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW! - DONALD J. MARSH - This app I use everyday and love it! Love it! Love it! All my calls are logged in and the best thing is that I keep track of how long and how much I talk to a particular person! Can't live without it like I can't live without my BB! – Elizabeth - I like very much the software and the value that could be create in my communications and finances – Ignacio

POSTED ON BLACKBERRY APP WORLD: ABSOLUTE NECESSITY!! ***** As a entrepreneur business consultant, this application is PRICELESS. I have not used it to its full capacity as of yet, but looking thru what it provides, it shows exactly what is needed to bill a client. If I would have had this app 2 years ago, my work would have been so much simpler. Super APP!!

POSTED ON BLACKBERRY APP WORLD: Great program ***** This program does exactly what it says. If you keep billable hours, this is a must have. - If you have a Blackberry and either charge time to clients or just want to keep track of notes on conversations and emails, there simply is not another app out there that’s better. – Greg - I love Call Time Tracker because I am always using my call quota and am always over paying. But now that I have this app, I can stay within my budget. Love the tagging feature and ABSOLUTLEY love the fact that it can be exported to excel and I get reports based on it. THANKS MOMENTEM!!! Keep up the awesome work! – Nick

"This app has been an absolute life saver for me. Would recommend to anyone that needs a good tool for keeping information organized." Traci Steward, Kentucky

FROM A MAJOR WIRELESS CARRIER, (whose identity isn’t shown for confidentiality reasons) …. Subject: I love momentem. Main body of email: I work for xxxxxxx and absolutely love what this application does. I am showing people how they can allocate their time to projects – it’s a no brainer! This will be a great application to show our legal sector customers (in addition to just about anyone else wanting to attribute time to projects) Keep up the good work! - Call Time Tracker is an application that I could have used long ago, I don't know what I ever did without it!!! It has helped me tremendously in keeping track of my call time, and expenses, and it has also freed up some valuable grey matter because now instead of having to remember what each phone call was about, I can now add a brief description at the end of the call and now I never miss an important call back or deadline. The application has also allowed me to keep more money in my pocket because now I am able to track which calls are personal and which are business related. Thanks for a great app!!!! Randy

"This is one app that I would pay top dollar for!" Bridges to Community, US - This is the best time tracker I have ever used!

POSTED ON HANDMARK: "What a great way to quickly log your calls to meaningful categories !" - I love the simpleness of it. – Vicky - LOVE IT!! Saves me so much time. I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!! - Nick - I love the fact that after every call or email, I have the option to tag it to a particular project, always ignore the number (for personal calls) or skip it one time. I just started using the app, but it is so easy to use. Thanks Stephen - I like the way application categorizes my calls and emails. This app is cool because I like the potential my Blackberry has and this app brings out the potential of the phone. – Shawn-David - love this application! Very smart to help with work activities that we often do outside the office! Thanks, Angela

"Found your app in the blackberry app store and it is almost exactly what I have been looking for " Stuart Green - I love the excel report & I use momentem to track work vs personal use of my blackberry. - Krisha - Thank you for makin this app... Very usefully in keepin up with my calls and messages... Thanks for the app! Jon - Love the software…would love to get the upgrade. I am the IT manager for a Professional Services Company and I am evaluating for our entire organization. Pete - I do consulting work and write software and have been thinking/needing a product like yours for a long time (just switched to blackberry 6 months ago, nokia previously). – Stuart - I like it because it makes it easy to time and categorize my calls while on the go! I think my boss will really love the more accurate billing times, too. – L Manner

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have been using Momentem on my Blackberry 8800 for about a week now. It’s very simple, intuitive, and intelligent. Everything you said about it is true." Henry K - I love this app. My only suggestions for an update would be the ability to pull certain contacts from your phonebook to track their time. This would be great for me as I only have one phone both for business and personal. But eventually this will fix its self after I have spoken to most of my personal contacts and added them to the ignore list. Anyway, other than that little complaint I absolutely love this app. Thank you for making this excellent app. – Richard [Note from the editor: there is a knowledgebase article on why we deliberately don’t pull names from the phonebook, at ]

"I believe your product should be on the following list: 10 Must-Have Apps for Your BlackBerry." Fast Forward Consulting - I love the fact that the app asks me and allows me the choice to tag or ignore. I am able to track my times, costs, and other pertinent data. – Pamela - Love this app! Use it to track all my calls then not just billable calls helps me get an idea of just how much I depend on my phone. Thank you!! – Greg - Hello, love your product. Using it with every call! - Kenneth

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SECTION 2: "What the app does for me" - it is a neat service. I am enjoying it and it is productive for me - Ashish

POSTED ON APP WORLD great app ***** Never thought I needed this till I tried it. Allows me to get to grips with real use of my time. Not just useful to people who bill their time but also to ALL people who want to get a real view of what they are doing with their time! Much better than all these GTD programs, instead of putting up goals and using planning tools, just like that, this one makes it VERY clear what you use your time for! Use the billing tool(charged amount) to quantify the importance of what you do and there is your REAL LIFE proof of what you do with your life! Only wish they had this for my PC as well as that would complete the picture!!!! - I am a delighted user of call time tracker. I am new to blackberry, and I can't find how to track outgoing calls duration that I made. I need the info because I have limited free outgoing minutes that come with my voice plan and I don't want to pay for excessive usage, except when necessary of course. Now I don't need to worry anymore because the call time tracker make it easy for me to track info that I need. Thanks for great software! Dharma - I'm in the entertainment business. Lots of email, phone calls and accountants demanding to know "What's this line item for?". Even in the limited time I have been using Time Tracker the Stress Lines have gone out of our bookkeepers face and we have had our first civil conversation in years. I'm recommending that we get Time Tracker for everybody who works for us. Congratulations on delivering a TERRIFIC HELPFUL Application. It Rocks!! Bruce - I like very much the functionality to put a name and an amount to every call or even e-mail, and to understand how much money represent all those calls in my time. I am a CRM Director and I understand the value of making an appropriate follow up to my customers, also to keep in touch with them, attending opportunely pending tasks like calls, visits and other interaction types. Thank you again for making this productive tool. - Wladimir - Greetings, I'm a busy mom of three, Graphic Designer & Photographer. I work from my home office, but am in the field a good amount of time. This tool has been my most valuable app by a mile! I wish I knew about it sooner, and I tell everyone I know that has a Blackberry to get it! The time tracker is easy to use, a great value & will help boost your business & productivity! Warm Regards & Many Thanks, Heather - I've been using momentem for a few days, and so far I am very impressed. Although I bill for my time, I was never able to accurately record all of my calls from my blackberry because it was very time consuming. This service allows me to keep track of each call within a few seconds after completing the call, which makes it convenient and accurate. - Nathan - This product is very good. I'm using right now in this email. Great idea and a big help as far as tracking time on the go. This is a good tool. Thank you. – Joseph

POSTED ON BLACKBERRY APP WORLD One of My most used apps ***** Easily tracks time spent on phone calls with the push of a button. You can also add notes to document what the call was about. No more forgetting in a week why you talked to someone. Would recommend to anyone who needs to track time spent for any reason. – Amy - I have been enjoying the use of your time tracker product. It is very close to what I was looking for. I just sent for my first report and was wondering how the totals would work out. I would like to see a totalized report for the customer and one for the project. It is always nice to have a total of all projects for a specific customer. [NOTE FROM EDITOR; you can use Filters in Excel to achieve that in seconds.] I would also like the ability to track moving from project to project. Maybe a button to start and a button to stop. [NOTE FROM EDITOR; you can use the Tag Activities feature in momentem to log the time spent on projects]. I am enjoying the product very much! - Tyson

POSTED ON BLACKBERY APP WORLD Absolute must have! ***** This tiny app is a must for professionals who charge for their time (both intellectual and physical). You won't believe how much billable time you can accrue simply from tracking your call/emails. Make more revenue with this app, for sure. - My boss, a lawyer, is so busy its not even funny. If it wasn’t for this, he'd lose track of all of the people he talks to, and better yet, since phone time is billable time, he doesn't lose out on money from clients. Seriously, thanks again for this. I really like the fact that it tracks billable time, so my boss doesn’t lose money, and he's happier with everyone in the office. Tim - I was looking for an app that would track time spent on phones for business and private use separately. What distinguishes your app is the ability to review which projects yield results for me and how much cost went into it to procure that desired result. When the data is collected, the effort required is little. The results of the xl sheet are enormous. Thank you for making this one of a kind app available to us. My best wishes, ....Murali , India Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

POSTED ON APP WORLD: awesome management product! ***** Have been using the free version of momentem for a month on my Bold and the granularity of tracking for calls and emails is unparalleled. Highly recommended tool for any business professional! - Hiya, I love your app because I was having problems with vodafone giving me incorrect and conflicting information about bills and balances. Call tracker allows me to be 100% certain how many minutes I have used and even track unbilled calls such as ones to my vodafone family group. The spreadsheet option is also very good as I have found vodafones itemised bills to be very lacking and hard to understand whereas here you can group by project and actually have the callers name! Keep up the great work! With regards, Adam.

POSTED ON APP WORLD: Great App!!!! ***** I was skeptical of downloading this app because of the fact that it's free, but I'm sure glad that I did download it. This app has saved me time and money. You can track absolutely every call and e-mail and you can keep track of business minutes and personal minutes. I would recommend that everybody give this amazing app a try, you've got nothing to lose! - I started my consulting business this year after I left a government job after 12 years and having that background of waste, I realized that in today’s economy every penny counts! This app gives me a level of accountability of my own funds that will help, as you may know, every little bit helps! I will forever be your "committed and connected" customer! – Ben S - I like the ability to capture time spent on emails that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. It’s amazing how much time I’ve captured already. In the past, to keep track of calls, I’d have to go through a complicated process of forwarding notes in an email to myself. This is so much easier. – Steve - I'm shocked to learn how many dollars worth of billable time I was ignoring before discovering CTT. I think it is a stellar tool and I thank you for it! Jerry - I do like the system and appreciate the fact that it lets me dismiss or ignore time easily. I think this could become a critical element of my practice management effort. Best Regards. Sharon

POSTED ON APP WORLD: Great application ***** Helps keep you organised and keeps you ahead of your billing. No more free 'forgotten' minutes dedicated to phone calls and emails David - I just started using "Call Time Tracker" today and already I have been able to recover almost $100.00 in service time. I spend a lot of time on the road as a Technical Support Rep and I answer a ton of calls via my Cell phone which I have limited ability to track. This app will prove to be extremely useful and valuable. I am very excited to tell others about it. Thanks again. – David - Thanks for the app. I use it to track the hours I spend as a non-profit volunteer so that I can report the hours I spent talking to contacts back to the organization. Amy

POSTED ON APP WORLD: Great app ! ***** This is a great free app. There would be a few minor things I would change that would make it an awesome app, but they do not affect the basic operations of the application. It is an awesome way to track how much time you spend on calls or emails so that at the end of the month you have it all together in one place. I have had no problems at all running this on my BB bold. Stephen - I think your app is really terrific. It's exactly what I need to log my waiting in line phone calls. Now I know exactly how much time I put into a project and removing the guesswork and approximations helps me bill honestly. Thanks so much - Susan

"momentem is probably one of the best ways of claiming your money back from a company, its so easy to use and the customer service is up there with the very best." Andy Kennedy (Carphone Warehouse), Manchester, UK

POSTED ON APP WORLD Great product ***** I am more than satisfied with this product. Because I need to track my time it helps me capture time spent when I am out and receive calls or messages. Highly recommend.

This is a great application for me. Its a great app for anyone who needs to keep track of their time more effectively. After every call and email, I am prompted to tag it, list who I called or emailed, record what project it was for, put a note of what the email or phone call was about, and list what the cost was for my time. Working for a non profit organization, every penny, every minute counts. This also works well to record the goings on of each day, and having to constantly recall what happened makes this application great. The best time to make notes is while the call is still fresh in my mind. – Justin, California - Hi just wanted to thank you for your email and for your App. I am new to both Blackberry and to having to track my time so I am really happy to have this help and think that it will help me capture so much time that I was missing. Cheryl

"My customers appreciate the transparency and granularity of the details of my billing. It allows me to present the real value of my services" Wayne Graham

"We just got the first report and your product just paid for itself for the next two years!" ET, Law Offices of Sally Anne Cox, P.C. - It is so useful to have this tool around. I could never be as accurate with my time keeping as I am with this handy tool. Thanks so much. – Jeanice

POSTED ON APP WORLD Perfect for attorneys ***** I've been looking for an app like this for years. Its simple and easy to use and although I'm using the free version right now, I've captured enough time in two weeks to pay for a years subscription. Its a no brainer. I'm sure that as the product matures, it will only get better. Steve

"This could rather easily serve as your only time and billing system. I was very impressed by the detail that this report captures. If you are a heavy user (and what BlackBerry user isn’t?) - using this software on your BlackBerry could easily double the number of hours you bill." Wayne Schulz From a wireless carrier. (The carrier’s identity is masked for confidentiality) - I downloaded the free version of this program and I must say it is very impressive. I support hundreds of sales reps selling our products. I have been demonstrating this app to many sales associates, as it is a great closing tool to sell our smart phones and data packages. I am curious how well the full version works and I am wondering if someone at your company is willing to set me up with a full version for a little while, so that I may better understand and promote this app in our data/apps training classes and field visits. The sales channel I manage sells tens of thousands of devices and data plans monthly, and as always we are looking for useful apps to boost those sales. I hope you can help. Thank You! - Regards, A - I run three different businesses and this application allows me to apportion my time effectively. All the best. David - I'm a commercial and government sales manager for a plumbing and HVAC company. There are many calls made and received on many projects and keeping track of them is much easier using Call Time Tracker. By tagging them at the time you make or receive calls, mistakes or forgotten items or duties can be greatly reduced. I think this is just great! - Pete - I am a Manager for Best Buy Mobile. I have referred your product to several business clientele and will continue to do so! Thanks for the great app! – Pat

"The monthly fee is easily justified; I am able to find more billable time and recover the cost of expensive calls that I would not have otherwise remembered. I am able to manage my cellular usage to keep within my rate plan. And although my mobile phone usage has increased, I am able to apportion more of my bill to various clients and projects." Brian Pleet

This elegant, flawless program enables any Black Berry user to recover usage costs. It unobtrusively monitors each call (and email) and at its conclusion presents a beautiful menu by which the user may allocate the call to an existing contact and project, or to new ones thus allowing the user to build the data base as one goes along. If one is in a rush one can save the call data for handling later. Notes may be added to desribe the call. At no extra charge emails the user an Excel report with all calls sorted, timed & even valued. In short, this full featured program with a freely provided data summary & report enables one to effortlessly recover Black Berry costs. This elegant program puts money back into our pockets. – Robert B White, QC / lawyer, Canada

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SECTION 3: "What I specifically use the app for" – I am using this program primarily to identify work calls vs personal calls for our finance team. Thanks. Mike - I am able to keep track of the use of my phone to claim it on my 1040 schedule c for the upcoming tax season. Thanks, Nicole - My wife is starting a business and needed a way to track business calls for tax purposes. I downloaded the program on my phone to try it out before I let her use it. This is a very nice and very useful program. I'm going to start using it to track my business calls. – William - I am impressed with the system. The reason I am so excited about it is I need to bill my professional time to others. This product will pay huge dividends to me. Dave - I'm a truck driver who has to call my customers. It will work for what I need. Larry - I am using Call Tracker so my staff can better monitor their voice minutes so we can reduce our bills. Bob

ken-----@---live.--- - My accountant does all my book keeping; receipts etc; but I do my own billing and having some nice reports to work from is great. Not all time is billable; but it is good to be able to see what customers are taking up your time support-wise. - Kenny

POSTED ON APP WORLD BEST CALL TRACKING APP!!!! ***** I am a small business owner and this app helps so much to keep track of all my calls. I am now be able to record and differentiate between my business and personal calls. I can also further break down my calls so I can track sales calls and calls to contractors. I can then use it to bill them for time spent and can keep track of it all for taxes. Its a very easy program that only takes a few seconds at the end of each call. Best of all at the end of each month(or whenever, I choose the 20th because that is when my billing cycle ends) I get a easy to read excel sheet. Brandon - I run an I.T. Support company in South East Kent, England. I am using the call tracker to help me with the support calls I receive in from many of my customers. I can see how much they are using their support contracts and whether I should be charging them any extra. I also use it for the pay per call contracts I have set up. As you can imagine in an I.T. Support business, tracking the phone calls is amazingly useful. Thank you very much! Kind Regards, Stephen

POSTED ON HANDMARK: "If you have a blackberry and use it for business, than this app is a must." - I am impressed with the ease of use of your product and at the same time the depth of features as well. I love the fact that I automatically get an end of the month report of all my data! I am a small operation stock car race team owner and like to keep track of my calls that are related to the team for my own timecard record keeping as well as tax purposes. I am very happy with call time tracker and look forward to using it to increase my productivity and streamline my record keeping. Thanks, Phil - The call time tracker is useful for me because it helps me write off part of my phone bill for tax purposes for work, seeing as I'm in the military a lot of my calls are work oriented. Its a great app and you guys did a great job with it – Matt - I use this app to disseminate between business calls and personal. How long I spend on business calls per discussion. Is that an efficient use of call time for the issue at hand? The cost variance for such calls is...? Again an INDISPENSABLE tool for all business call time tracking for whatever the reason. – Mr. Badior - I use the tool to help track client calls and action items that arise. – Greg - I am using Call Time Tracker to track client calls for billing purposes. It makes doing so quick and easy! – Ray - I run a modeling/casting agency in NY and use Call Time tracker to organize my calls with clients for different venues that my company is producing. Although I have just started using this service, it allows me to separate and organize with my many clients and divisions. The reports I am sure will come in handy when I have to do my taxes and company expenses. I look forward to learning more about this service and better using it for my company needs. - Dolly - I would like to let you know I use your app to track my time on projects across the country with my local reps. My company puts on indie rock concerts across Canada. It is free for the bands and they can win some great prizing. I hope we hear back from you. Your app has made my time tracking very simplified. Thanks, Jordan - Just started using this program but it’s already giving me more granular controls over expenditures on a per-project basis. Awesome stuff! – Dave G - I am a therapist and must bill by the minute within each service category. Even the most base version of this program has been helpful. – Pam - Time tracker is the greatest tool!! I have my own business as well as a full time job and time tracker helps me tremendously in keeping my business minuets apart from personal minuets. This helps a great deal. Thanks for your application. L. Kaae

POSTED ON BLACKBERRY APP WORLD: Love this ***** I downloaded and am using this for the past 3-4 days. I simply love this application and am used to it. Its great to track the call usage and I use to find out the usage of my international calls from my minutes so that I don't overspend. This is highly recommended. 5 stars - For a teacher using their Blackberry for school use, Call Time Tracker is an excellent tool. Those after hours calls and emails to consult with parents can be documented and the summaries downloaded then added to other records of the teachers efforts to promote their students' learning. I found Call Time Tracker easy to learn, easy to use, and the data it generates is easily formatted to provide useful information. Call Time Tracker is definitely worth investigating for educators using Blackberrys. - Derrick - Thanks for the great program. I use call time tracker to track my daytime minutes so that I can hopefully avoid going over my monthly minutes. My carrier refuses to allow their customers to track minute usage (but has no problem billing for overages at $0.35/min). By creating a contact named 'Daytime Minutes' I simply track all calls that fall within my daytime hours. I also use it to track business calls if I am going to charge for time. I love the excel export option since using documents To Go I can view them right on my phone – Taylor M - I manage numerous vendors across Texas and New Mexico so I have been looking for a better way to track how much time am I spending on each vendor. I plan on pushing this app down to each of our supervisors, we have about 20 field supervisors who oversee the daily field ops of each vendor. I plan on building an R.O.I., with the help of Momentem, to help determine which vendors are efficient and which vendors need to find another client. Even though I am in the first 24 hours of using this app it appears to be a great!! – MJ - Have enjoyed using the app. Its been useful so far for tracking how much time between placing a call for support and the return call from the help desk. We have what we call in the service industry SLA's often we have a target to have a service call closed by a deadline. When the clients own tech support line are slow to react this can cause us to fail our targets. Now we have the evidence when a client tries to discount our invoices because we didn't close the call in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work. Steve - I am finding your app to be very helpful. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of a divorce, and this app enables me to keep track of every conversation and email which I find to be relevant. I will have a clear list of when, who, and what was discussed. Its always easier to remember what you just spoke about immediately after the call. Later I may need to refer to all of the dialogues and I will have it all before me in an excel file. - Anthony - This is a great and easy app. I use it for tagging calls, emails, and texts from people I communicate to for SANE/SART. I am a sexual assault nurse examiner and work with a great group of people. I have taken on the duties of educator for the group and will be in charge of what goes on with us all. Thx so much for a great way to make my life a little easier! - Traci

"Once I started using it, I realized the other spin-off benefits such as being able to show the taxman that I was predominantly using my phone for business. Having all of my activities nicely tagged made me look like I had my stuff together, which impressed my clients." Strategico Group - So far I love it. I use Call Time Tracker not for billing but to track my telephone parenting time with my child since I am divorced from his mother. Since getting divorced 3 years ago I have been looking for a product like this & now I finally found it.

POSTED ON APP WORLD: MUST have application! ***** This program is for anyone that wants to streamline record-keeping operations. I am a small business owner and am using it for time card logging, tax purposes, and to be reimbursed for my valuable time. It's easy to use, but at the same time provides many powerful features and customization options. I love that I get a excel report at the end of the month showing my data. This program has so many uses that most anyone could benefit from using it. One very satisfied customer, Phil - I use call tracker for my business so I can be able to tell between all my business calls and my personal ones. Brandon

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SECTION 4: "How I use the app to make my life easier" - I love call tracker because now all my work reading emails and responding to tech support calls on the weekend via my blackberry are tracked and I can claim the overtime with records my manager can't refute! Thanks Momentem team! –Toby - I love the service. As a practicing attorney your service is perfect! - Steve

POSTED ON BLACKBERY APP WORLD excellent app ***** This app is awesome, the free one is excellent. I am a salesman, and I use my own cellphone to call clients, and for my boss every month and for the IRS at the end of the Year is really easy to determine what is personal and what is business. It let's you save your contacts and sync with your address book for easier search. Enjoy!!! - This is the most useful tool I have ever had for my phone records. You just removed a huge time- sucker from my schedule. Judith - I really like Call Time Tracker because it allows me an easy way to charge for the times that are normally such a hassle to keep track of. As a computer consultant, there is about 25% of my time spent on the phone and don't even start about the emails. But to track emails or phone calls is such a pain, that was before Call Time Tracker! Once I started using it I was amazed at the ease of which now I can bill my clients for all that time they previously thought was free because of the pain to track it. Thanks Call Time Tracker, now I get paid for those times that used to be "too hard to track". Roy - This is a great app for me, I am a insurance rep, and I use my own cellphone for calling unto my customers, and for my personal call, so having it separate is excellent, because I can show my boss, how much exactly he has to refund me every month, and for the end of the year for taxes is excellent, because I will not have trouble with the IRS. Thank you very much for this tool. Eyron - It allows me to keep track of those calls and emails which are work related, I put these into the spreadsheet and simply attach it to my expenses claim...Brilliant!! It also allows me to compile a separate business contacts directory, very useful for keeping candidate and client info together (particularly in my business which is recruitment). – Gavin Finlayson

"I use the Excel report to monitor my time, and sort by client and project so accurate billing entries can be completed within minutes." Paul Billings, lawyer

POSTED ON APP WORLD Nice program to remember what you've done **** I'm a pack rat and so I love keeping all of my logs and history. I find the call history on the blackberry very limiting, so getting my call history in an spreadsheet for free is really nice. I find it a little annoying that it doesn't seem to automatically find my contacts and add them. It does seem to kind of link them, but there is an extra step. Other than that, pretty sweet. [Note from the editor: there is a knowledgebase article on why we deliberately don’t pull names from the phonebook, at ] - As a business consultant, the big "black hole" for me is phone calls, because I simply can't remember every phone call I make. I've used it for a few days and so far I'm very impressed - Greg - Very interesting product. I am new to the sales world having spent the last 13 years in nonprofit. Call Tracker is helping me organize and stay in front of prospects with the correct follow-up information. - Evan

POSTED ON BLACKBERRY APP WORLD: #1 in my book ***** This App has made my time of doing monthly expense sheets so much less time consuming. I would recommend this App to anyone. - Terry. Mc. - I love Time Tracker. I work 3 different jobs and just got my Blackberry to keep track of what is happening between them. Time Tracker will be a lifesaver in regards to my monthly expense reports.

"Having the ability to quickly input such relevant information immediately speaks for itself, as there's no need to spend time retracing events of the day and recalling everyone you spoke to in order to properly track time spent on these activities. It eliminates the need for paper notes or even for notes scattered throughout your BlackBerry calendar." Laura M - I am extremely excited to get using it and see how it streamlines my billing of phone calls and emails. I am going to use it for a weekend get familiar with I and have the rest of my company sign-up as well. Eric.

"Being able to tag events when they happen improves the accuracy of our records significantly." Ralf Frieser - I do like the app. It’s one of the first to let me log notes for phone calls with duration details so I don’t forget to bill for the time at my discretion. It supplements the tickets I open in my ticketing software to ensure I capture all billable work done for a client. The only improvements I can see making would be a larger font and the ability to share projects between contacts. - David - Thanks so much for a great service. It's easy to use and will definitely help me recover some money. My phone service actually charges customers who want a breakdown of their cell calls - this will even save me money. - Hello Momentem Team. I use your service all the time for my Business, it really helps to keep track of my various contacts. I particularly like the fact that I can attach a project name to the contact info, a welcome addition to my Blackberry. Thanks. Paul S - CYA is what I like best, cover your ass !! I have had problems for years of giving directions and orders out and then a week later not being able to prove the call was made or what was covered. Now I am able to pull a report and show that we spoke and a quick recap in notes of what was decided, this has saved a great deal of stress and he said she said issues as now I can prove what had happened via your reports, this is the best app I have found and have begun to use it with my clients for their business. – Matt

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR... here is an example of how we differentiate between Call Time Tracker (free) and momentem (paid for); this user went on to upgrade to the full service to get the unlimited on-demand reports !!!!! I'm enjoying the Call Time Tracker app. Best feature, in my opinion, is the efficient data-entry per call. Takes barely two-seconds to tag a call once the contact and project are set up. One area for improvement, I think, is more frequent reports. Many of us have to prepare reports or bill on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I'm a consultant, and I bill my clients on a bi-weekly basis. One report per month is simply not sufficient for my use. I'd be manually tracking calls for the mid-month billings and filtering out those calls from the monthly momentem reports. For me, it's a perfect app otherwise. Unless I can get bi-weekly reports, though, I'm just not going to be able to use it. We pointed out that our full momentem service meets his needs perfectly and he upgraded !!!!

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SECTION 5: "Why I like dealing with the momentem team" - I am impressed by the company support and your professionalism - it is rare today in my experience. There are so many scams and poorly supported programs on the net. I have recommended your product to two other consultants today. - Ted - Thank you for your prompt response! That sort of thing REALLY surprises me in this automated response business world that we live in today. Daniel - Terry that really helps now I understand ur program. Its my pleasure to have this program u guys r great, thanks ur support is great, Dana - Thanks for the response. I am impressed that you not only responded, but by how quickly you did! Great app. - I have to say, your support model is outstanding by any yardstick. As someone used to dealing with offshore call centres and support response times measured in days, your service level is impressive. I look forward to using your product! John C - Oh my gosh, you are better than a computer or a list or FAQs! I love your service and I love your personal care! Sign me up on Momentem. I want it all. Judy - Love the low CPU utilization and fast app response. Apps that dog the blackberry are uninstalled immediately. I kept this one! Dan - Thank you so much for great customer service. Cynthia - Thanks so much. You guys are really responsive! Michael F

POSTED ON BLACKBERRY APP WORLD What a lifesaver!! ***** I use my phone for personal and for business. It was always so complicated to figure out how much was used for business so that I can submit for reimbursement. This app saved the day. Their customer support is awesome as well...very quick and helpful response to my online inquiry. - Your prompt reply was amazing. I had promoted your company over a few others to my regional law firm. I'll be sure to let them know about the customer service. - Gary - Let me say thanks for the quick and (more importantly) efficient response on this matter. These days when dealing with companies, be they big or small, I am used to long waits, answering questions with questions, or otherwise 'getting the run-around' instead of a real solution. In just over 90 minutes you had gathered all necessary information, found a solution, and sent that solution on to me. I appreciate that. – Taylor M - Thanks for taking the idea seriously. Everyone who makes a suggestion to a major software source, especially one whose product they like, wonders if anyone is really reading what they send. You did and whatever you finally do about it, I will appreciate it. – Steve - The good thing first is that it does not interfere with other applications which I have downloaded. The reason I am mentioning it is because some of the applications which I have on my blackberry do interfere with the operating system. - Arif

"This is a great application, and I plan to use it for as long as I have a blackberry! Thank you very much! BIG KUDOS to those involved with the development of momentem!!” Justin Iiams, Sacramento

"The Support Staff are first rate and they respond within hours if not minutes." CEO,

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